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Temecula Divorce Blog

Joint Custody vs. Sole Custody

Sole custody is often a parents goal especially when a bitter divorce happens. Animosity against the other parent can easily initiate the goal of getting sole suctody of the children. Sole custody is ...
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Depending which state you live in, there are different laws governing divorce, and each state has its own laws concerning the authority of the court to decide and to enforce the divorce case. When you ...
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Forensic Experts in Divorce

Unfortunately there are spouses married to business owners who have no idea the value of the community business. What is done to determine the value ? is a common questioned asked. The answer - hire a ...
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Putting a Price on Retirement

When facing a divorce, especially in a long term marriage, people are generally concerned that the retirement benefits are disclosed and divided equally. Retirement benefits may include 401 k's, ...
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Murrieta Divorce Attorney

At the Law firm of Richard K. Isles, you can be sure to find the right fit for your family law needs. Our Divorce, custody and property attorneys are experienced and knowledgable in the Family Law ...
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Temecula Family Lawyer at your Service

When searching for a Family Law attorney in Temecula, you need to know that your attorney will be your advocate, your voice in court and through negotiations with your divorcing spouses attorney. For ...
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Contested Divorce

When you and your divorcing spouse agree on all issues relating to a divorce, it may be considered uncontested. The most common types of contested issues are property & asset division, spousal ...
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Grounds for Divorce

You may be confused about what a no fault divorce means. California has no-fault laws to avoid the concept of fault in the marriage. This essentially lets people who don't want to be together any ...
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Post Judgment Modifications

Post Judgment Modifications happen when one side doesn't live up to what they were ordered or agreed to do. Rarely we find a modification occurs when something is not in the judgment. A thorough ...
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Dividing Property in a Divorce

Dividing Property in a Divorce Our divorce attorneys spend countless days negotiating property and assets in divorce cases. In fact, the bulk of your divorce could easily focus on spitting the items ...
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Child Support Agreed Amounts

Child Support Agreed Amounts If you are one that has agreed with your ex spouse on child support amounts, the amount may be different then guideline support. The Judge will usually approve an order ...
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Attorneys to fight CPS Case

Attorneys to Fight CPS Cases Juvenile Dependency cases can be frightening to parents involved. Similar to a criminal case, you will be provided an appointed attorney. This may not be your choice in ...
Continue reading "Attorneys to fight CPS Case" »

Domestic Violence - The Impact

People facing Domestic Violence abuse deal with emotional and financial issues after reporting. In cases where the violence has gotten out of hand and law enforcement is called to the house, an arrest ...
Continue reading "Domestic Violence - The Impact" »

Hidden Business Accounts in Divorce

In a divorce with a family business, one spouse often attempts to hide assets. If you suspect this is happening to you, call the 24 year law firm of Richard K. Isles. Our attorneys have unlocked the ...
Continue reading "Hidden Business Accounts in Divorce" »

Child Support - Don't Go Overboard

Have you kept up your end of the bargain and over paid child support because you agreed to pay extra at the time of your divorce? This is a common occurrence. The difficulty begins when all your ...
Continue reading "Child Support - Don't Go Overboard" »

Communicating and Cooperating in Child Custody Cases

Divorce alone can be difficult for children so how can divorcing parents help the impact it may have as their children are growing up in two households? Cooperative parenting between parents is the ...
Continue reading "Communicating and Cooperating in Child Custody Cases" »

Drugs & Divorce - A perfect pair

It is no secret that drug and alcohol abuse are grouped into the top 5 reasons people get divorced in current times. This can be the demise of a great number of marriages. Addiction to substances is ...
Continue reading "Drugs & Divorce - A perfect pair" »

All About Annulments

What is an annulment and who can get them? In a state where the divorce rate is high and the process of legally ending a marriage can come with some undesirable aspects, many people choose the route ...
Continue reading "All About Annulments" »

Filing for Divorce

When you are looking to file for divorce, the first thing that you should start with is preparing what you will need. This can be a difficult process and by preparing beforehand, you can help provide ...
Continue reading "Filing for Divorce" »

Aggressive Temecula Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

When an accused spouse has been charged with Domestic Violence, they are not playing on equal playing fields. The people involved do not have equal bargaining power The accused may feel as if they are ...
Continue reading "Aggressive Temecula Domestic Violence Defense Attorney" »

What to Expect When You're Divorcing

Divorce is most certainly one of those things everyone would like to see happen quickly. Naturally, those in the midst of a heated divorce are anxious for the marriage to end and move on. If you are ...
Continue reading "What to Expect When You're Divorcing" »

Divorced? Of Course!

There are numerous reasons you may consider dissolving your marriage. If you have found yourself in this unsettling and worrysome stage of life, consider a few of these somewhat relieving facts: 60% ...
Continue reading "Divorced? Of Course!" »

Who gets the House?

Generally, the largest single asset a couple has is their house. If you are divorcing, you may be wondering what happens to the house. The simplest way to divide it is to list and sell the home and ...
Continue reading "Who gets the House?" »

Divorce as a Threat

Sometimes, an unhappy spouse conjures up the idea that filing for divorce will straighten out their spouse. No matter how hard a person tries, they just cannot get their spouse to "act" the ...
Continue reading "Divorce as a Threat" »

Divorce and Counseling

Let's face it, couples don't want to go through divorce if it isn't necessary, yet those who make the ultimate decision to split may try marital counseling first. When one spouse wants to ...
Continue reading "Divorce and Counseling" »

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