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Blog Posts in July, 2011

The Split

The breakup of a married couple often carries a change in the couples financial lifestyle. To understand the cost that divorcing can create, one might look at cutting your lifestyle and economic ...
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Local Laws and Family Law Attorneys

Divorce laws differ from state to state invariably. Divorce procedures and local rulings will differ from judge to judge. Because of this, we strongly advise you seek experienced legal counsel who ...
Continue reading "Local Laws and Family Law Attorneys" »

Divorce and your Money

Divorce does not have to be financially devastating. The least expensive divorces usually occur with both spouses settling amicably. When you feel confused, overwhelmed and angry, it is time to take a ...
Continue reading "Divorce and your Money" »

Cost Effective Collaborative Divorce

Our Temecula Divorce Firm supports collaborative divorce solutions when divorcing spouses are able to amicably work together to resolves differences realting to equitable distribution of property and ...
Continue reading "Cost Effective Collaborative Divorce" »

Avoid Disappearing Assets in Divorce

You drive home after a long days work, walk through the front door only to find the living room furniture is gone. After a brief shock you continue walking through to the family room and the ...
Continue reading "Avoid Disappearing Assets in Divorce" »

Getting Started in a Military Divorce

You're ready to file or respond to a Military divorce. Perhaps your ex filed against you while you're on active duty and you were just notified.We see this scenario time and time again and it ...
Continue reading "Getting Started in a Military Divorce" »

Military Divorce Spousal Support

Typically, in California, we use calculations of both parties income as well as the length of marriage in determining how much spousal support will be allocated to the supporting party. A court ...
Continue reading "Military Divorce Spousal Support" »

Summer Visitation

child custody Every year about late June early July, child custody matters heighten due to various reasons. Typically the reasons for this relate to child custody orders and non abiding parents during ...
Continue reading "Summer Visitation" »

Types of CPS Allegations

What kinds of abuse does CPS allege? When facing a Child Protective Services case there are usually allegations of abuse to the child. The following types of abuse can be alleged by the CPS social ...
Continue reading "Types of CPS Allegations" »

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