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August 03, 2010
  Temecula Family Law
Posted By Temecula Divorce Attorney

The practice of Family Law focuses on a diverse number of areas within the Family Court. It is not limited to the practice of Divorce. At the Temecula Law Firm of Richard K. Isles, we represent client's in many areas of Family Law including the following areas:

Matrimonial Law
Legal Separation
Child Support and Child Custody
Spousal Support
Modifications of child Custody & Support
Domestic Violence
Paternity - A parent who wants to establish rights with their child/children
Asset and Debt Division in a Divorce
Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) cases

Areas of Family Law relating to children include:

Child Protective Services Defense cases

Our Law office has represented countless clients throughout Temecula, Riverisde and the Inland Empire for the past 21 years. Speak to the attorney you want in your court, contact our firm today!

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August 03, 2010
  Paternity Cases
Posted By Temecula Divorce Attorney


If you find yourself frequently missing your children imagine what it will be like to wake up in the morning and know your child is safe, in your custody. Imagine being a father figure at their sporting events, playing ball in the park, caring for them the way you have dreamed of. Knowing that you are there for them, making the decisions that parents should make because you have finally achieved your goal- Establishing your parental rights.

This is the scenario of a Paternity case.If your ready to move forward with your Paternity Action, we can help. Attorney Richard Isles has represented numerous men over the past 20 years getting them custody and visitation orders with their biological children.Typically, these are father's who have had enough and want to be a part of their childs life. We suggest you don't wait! Delaying may only hinder your rights and make it more difficult in the future to get child custody orders. We can provide you with 20 years of experience in the local Courts. When Fathers go through the Paternity process they usually begin with only advice from friends and relatives prior to coming into our office for their initial consultation. One after another they find out how they can benefit emotionally by becoming involved in their children's lives. Realistically, there's nothing more valuable.

You may have heard the term "Father's Rights" in family law advertisements or on signs off the freeway. Well, actually it doesn't matter if your a father or a mother. What counts is the paternity test results and the skill of your Paternity attorney. In other words, are the DNA results going to show you as the biological parent ? This is the method used to establish Paternity.

Why would you want to establish Paternity?

When you want to begin a parenting plan so you can get involved in your child's life and bring them closer to your family (grandparents want to know their grandchildren too). But here are some more valid reasons:

Obtaining child support

Dissolving court-ordered child support for a child that is not your own

Child custody and visitation determination ("parenting plan")

Obtaining a visitation schedule so you may be involved in the raising of your child

Parental health history for the child's future health related matters

Here are further examples of Paternity situations:

  • You recently gave birth to a child and wish to claim child support from your baby's father.
  • You are a man who was in a relationship with a recent mother or mother-to-be and you need to determine whether you are the father before you are locked into paying child support for 18 years.
  • You plan to adopt a child and need to establish the child's paternity before seeking termination of the father's parental rights.

A successful Paternity outcome requires a knowledgeable attorney who is skilled at interpreting and applying complex laws. Attorney Richard K. Isles has focused on Family Law matters for 20 years. He and his staff are dedicated to providing the best representation and service that is necessary for a positive outcome for you.

If your ready to change your life and start your Paternity case, call our Temecula Family Law office to discuss the issues at hand. Time after time our clients thank us for aggressively litigating their paternity case to give them the time they have dreamed of with their child. Be one of those people. Change your life. Change our child's life. Move towards establishing a parental relationship with your child today.

Call our staff who will help guide you and as always, we will schedule a complimentary office consultation. You'll be glad you called and moved one step closer to your child.

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June 25, 2010
  Welcome to our Temecula Divorce Blog
Posted By Temecula Divorce Attorney

Family LawWelcome to our Temecula Divorce Blog. We hope that the information contained within our blog will further educate you in specific areas of Family Law. Our goal is to assist you in understanding the current trends in Temecula Family Law matters, and to provide you effective ideas to make your case move forward expediently.

Many of our blog topics will give you an inside understanding of methods used in day to day Family Law cases. If any hint of advice assists you down the road to Divorce, Support Modification, Paternity Actions,or Child Support then your time will be well spent reading some of this information.

No doubt you are a reasonable, alert person reading as much as possible to be well prepared for your case. Our blog will give suggestions and approaches to Divorce, the Divorce Process, Paternity cases, settling your case, customary charges and retainer fees, what to expect in a Divorce and how to overcome hurdles.

When it comes to hiring a Family Law and Divorce Attorney, many people make the mistake of relying on their friend's or relatives advice. In today's world, you need a lawyer who is skilled in court, an attorney who has credibility with local judges, and who has the confidence to represent your every interest in court. Experience produces confidence and with over 21 years practicing Family Law exclusively in Southern California, attorney Richard K. Isles can take on any Family Law challenge . Hire the attorney people want in their court!

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