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CPS Facts & Questions

Temecula Child Protective Services Defense Lawyer

If you would like more information about Child Protective Services (CPS) cases and how an attorney at our law offices can help you in the face of child abuse allegations or a situation where your child is at risk of being taken into protective custody, we offer a free initial consultation. In discussing the matter with a Temecula Child Protective Services defense lawyer who is experienced in this field of law, you can get information that will help you make the right choices at this crucial time. Though we welcome you to call us at any time at (800) 504-7810, we have also included some common questions about this topic:

What is Child Protective Services?
Child Protective Services is a division of the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services. The goal of this department is to protect the wellbeing of children through the investigation of child abuse and neglect allegations. If Child Protective Services finds that allegations are true, different actions may be taken, ranging from offering the family assistance and keeping the child in the parents' custody, all the way to the termination of parental rights in extreme cases.

Why will CPS become involved?
CPS will become involved upon receiving a report of child abuse or neglect. The department will conduct a Risk and Safety assessment after receiving such a report to determine its validity. CPS may work together with Temecula law enforcement in these situations, working to find if there is evidence of abuse or neglect and taking appropriate action. The primary concern will be to determine whether the child is safe in his or her own home.

Can I do anything to avoid having my child taken away?
You have the legal right to challenge allegations of child abuse, child endangerment or neglect and can exercise these in order to protect your parental rights. From the moment a report is made to CPS, it is important to involve an attorney who can represent your interests.

Is it possible for the court to sever my rights as a parent?
Yes. Although the termination of parental rights typically only occurs in extreme cases of abuse or neglect, it is possible that the court may completely eliminate one's parental rights after a CPS investigation and positive finding of abuse/neglect.

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